Please view our picture collection below of some of our Fence’s that we have completed over the year’s. Hopefully they will give you some ideas on how you would like your project to look. Please note that all the different styles/shapes and sizes of our projects are all different prices depending on what you’re looking for. 

If there is any picture in our collection that you would like to have done, please let us know by our contact page, over the phone or by e-mail.  We will gladly collect your information and provide you with a free estimate.

If you have seen a Fence, Deck, Shed, any project online or in your neighborhood that you would like to have done that we do not have on our website, please let us know and we will look into providing you a quote on the project you would like to have completed.

If you have any questions or concerns our staff is available to answer any questions you may have. We look forward to working for you!




Privacy Fences –

  •         Standard 4’ High Pressure Treated Fence

  •         Standard 4’ High Spruce Lumber Fence

  •         Standard 5’ High Pressure Treated Fence

  •         Standard 5’ High Spruce Lumber Fence

  •         Standard 6’ High Pressure Treated Fence

  •         Standard 6’ High Spruce Lumber Fence



Our Specialty Fences –

  •  Scallop Top Style

  •  Reverse Scallop Top Style

  •  Regular Friendly Neighbor Style

  •  Friendly Neighbor with custom made post caps and decorative posts

  • 2×6 Friendly Neighbor Capped Style Fence

  •  Friendly Neighbor with 2×6 Topper

  •  Friendly Neighbor Style 2×4 Capped top

  •  Friendly Neighbor  6×6 Capped top Style

  •  Lattice Top Friendly Neighbor Style (5′ Friendly Neighbor & 1′ lattice)

  •  Lattice Top Style (5′ Straight top & 1′ lattice)

  •  5+1 Strapping 2×4 Capped Style Fence (4X4 Posts) (5ft Capped & 1Ft Strapping)

  •  2×4 Capped Style Fence  (4X4 Posts)

  • 2×6 Capped Style Fence  (6X6 Posts)

  • Capped Style Fence, 3 Rail w/2×6 Cap & 6×6 Posts     

  •  Capped Style Fence. 6 Rail w/2×6 Cap & 6×6 Posts    

  •  One side 2×6 Double Capped, opposite side regular capped Style Fence

  •  Capped Style Fence, 6X6 Post With Custom Post Caps & Rail Capped

  •  Rounded Tips Style

  •  Ranch Style with 5 Rails, Post caps extra

  • Rance Style with 7 Rails, Post caps extra

  •  Rance style Deluxe, decorative posts, 5 rails, custom post caps

  • Tiffany Style Fence



We offer a wide range of styles and different materials to choose from. Please view our Fence styles Below!

Our Fence pictures are also available on our Facebook page.




 Spruce Lumber Style

Spruce Lumber Style

Straight Top Style

Stright top style


Scallop Top Style Fence

Scallop Top Style Fence


Reverse Scallop Top Style

Reverse Scallop Top Style


Basic Friendly Neighbor

Basic Friendly Neighbor




5 Plus 1 Straight top Style

5 Ft Straight top Style with 1 Ft Lattice Top

5 Plus 1


5 Plus 1 Friendly Neighbor Style

(5 Ft Friendly Neighbor Style Fence with 1 Ft Lattice)

5plus1 Friendly neighbor latt

Recessed Pailings Style

Recessed Pailings

Rounded Tips Style

Rounded Tips Style

Ranch Style

5 rails with custom post caps

This is an ideal fence to mark off the boundaries of your property line.


Rance Deluxe Style

Decorative posts, 5 Rail’s, and custom post caps

Rance Deluxe Style

Shadow Box Style with custom made post caps and decorative post.

Caps and Detailed posts are extra unless otherwise noted on the quote.

Shadow Box

5Ft Capped Style Fence

Our Client’s wanted a fence for their kids but they also didn’t want to block out the beautiful view of the ocean. This 5 ft fence was the perfect option.

5ft Capped Style Fence

2×4 Capped Style Fence (4X4 Posts)

Depending on your tastes you can have either the rails facing your home or facing the neighbors side. Some examples are below. The first 2 pictures show what your fence would look like inside your backyard if the rails are on the other side.  The bottom 2 pictures is what your fence would look like if the rails are facing inside your property.

2x4 Capped Style Fence (4X4 Posts)

2×4 Capped Style Fence (4X4 Posts) Plus 1 Foot Strapping

(5ft 2×4 capped & 1ft strapping)


2x4 Cap with 1 Foot Strapping


2×6 Capped Style Fence. Archway Gate extra

2x6 Capped Style Fence

2×6 Friendly Neighbor Cap Style

2x6 Friendly Neighbor Capp



2×6 Friendly Neighbor Cap Style Fence with a Flower Box retaining Wall and post caps.

2x6 Friendly Neighbor with flower bed (2)

6 Rail 2×6 Capped Style Fence with 6×6 Posts.

6x6 Posts Capped

 One side 2×6 Double Capped, opposite side regular capped Style Fence

with black post caps.

The Top 2 pictures are of the inside of our Clients property and the bottom 2 pictures are facing the outside of our Clients property line.


Specialty 6×6 Posts &Custom Caps

Specialty 6x6 Posts &Custom Caps

Tiffany Fence

Tiffany Fence



Our Lumber style Fence’s include 1 gate (our basic style standard size gate), each and every gate after that is an extra cost. Please note that Post Caps and or Arbors are not included in our quotes unless otherwise stated on the contract. If you wish to add Posts Caps or Arbors please let us know and we will add it to your price. If it is not stated by us on the contract it is not included.

All of our fences have a gap spacing between pailings to allow air to flow through. If you wish to have a no gap spacing for an ultra privacy fence, we can do it but please note that tight pailings are not covered by our warranty. An ultra privacy (no space between pailings) fence acts as a sail when we get high winds. After high winds or an excessive wind storm pushing on the fence it will loose its strength to be able to with stand the pressure being pushed on it.

All of our fence quotes are quoted with 4×4 posts unless otherwise stated by our client and is wrote on the contract by a member of our team. We use galvanized nails on all of our project’s that we build.

If you would like a fence style that is not listed above, please feel free to contact us about the type of style that you are looking for. Please provide a picture of the style of fence you would like to have done for a better quote. We look forward to hearing from you!




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