Warranty Information

Capital Fencing & Backyard Living Inc
Warranty Information listed below

Warranty covers one year from the completion date against defects in workmanship.

Warranty will not cover the following:

This warranty becomes invalid and no longer covered if the product is abused, product failure due to negligence, alterations made, misuse, intentional acts, an accident, or the elements of excessive heat/cold.

Warranty will NOT cover damage caused by Acts of Nature, we do not cover our product if winds gusts speed attain/exceed 100 km/h (this is considered gale force winds).

We do not warranty lumber due to fading or warping from the sunlight, splitting, and/or cracking following installation. Nails, screws, gate hardware & double gates are not covered by warranty.

The distance between fence pailings are 1/2″ spacing, anything less voids warranty.

We do not warranty dig and post set projects.

Clients are required to carry their own wind, fire and/or flood insurance. Clients are encouraged to carry all necessary insurances to cover the product should there ever be a need to repair/replace due to such damage or any type of unforeseen accidents. The client is required to contact their insurance company to purchase such insurance and have them put in place.

This warranty is intended only for the original owner of the product and cannot be transferred for any reason.
Capital Fencing & Backyard Living Inc retains the right to choose to provide replacement material of equal quality.
If a client calls with a complaint due to a product problem, Capital Fencing & Backyard Living Inc has the right to inspect the product and has the sole authority to determine whether or not to repair or replace the product.